Another hard day for Daddy’s girl, tears rolling down precious as pearl.

She is blamed for goodluck outflows, Ohh she is considered badluck for in-laws.

Abuses and bruises are habitual within the wall, still they lack to break patience of that doll.

She fought each day to make everything good, but intentionally she always got misunderstood.

She was thrown out like garbage many times, walk back to parents home, seemed her a crime.

Who she is??????

A caring protecting daughter who can’t see her family in pain, so she returned back to hell turning those greedy plans in vain.

After all the failures and blackmail they ended being vampire, hard to even imagine how they set her on fire.

Calling accident in the burn ward they left her to die, blind society corrupt police left her mom to cry.

Strong that girl lived for more 48 hours, poverty was not solely responsible for her scars.

From all the blames and pains now she is free, her death proved the education to be unworthy.

She always wished her father back from the stars, now she would be secure like a gardener’s flower.🌼